" PAUSE , take some time out to observe the wonderment that bejewels our world.. RESET, get things in perspective, refresh your soul and start again. The Great Artist has painted many works of art, we are all invited to walk in them" - Pause and Reset ( Run-up This is our sixth continuous sweep of the Outer Hebrides and seeds of expansion have already been sown for the seventh. On this particular visit we wanted to see the Islands at their bleakest quarter, it was Winter after all but as one Poet lamented "there is beauty in bleakness, there is beauty in bland". It was time to put every day cares on hold, a break from the play time to -  pause and reset. I don't really know why but there's always something exciting about being on an island, they command adventure and thrive on moments of serendipity. On pondering this matter I realized, actually I do know why! It comes down to one precious commodity - Hebridean Air! At the ris